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Stairway To Heaven (var.37) notas de guitarra (tab) leer y reproducir online

                    I found an easier way to play this song. 
It sounds just like it, and, like I said, 
it's much easier to play, in my opinion.  
I'm just going to do the intro due to lack of time.  

SONG:       Stairway To Heaven
ARTIST:     Led Zeppelin
ALBUM:      Led Zeppelin: IV
TABBED BY:  Michael Malone
E-MAIL:     Anorexorcist419@aol.com





Well, that's the end of the intro.  The next few measures are 
almost identical to the intro, so you can probably play this a 
few times before you have to change anything.  I hope I helped 
somebody out.  
Knowing the asses that reply, though, I'll probably have pissed 
more people off than not for trying to make this song a little 
bit more simple.  Anyway, have fun with it.                    

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